Individual Counseling

We Provide A Safe Place to Talk
Confusing emotions, a general discontentment with life, a feeling of depression, or dealing with a life-changing event can inspire a person to look for a counselor and try counseling. Individual counseling helps people to better understand their emotions, thoughts, and actions which can improve quality of life, decrease acting out, or prevent undesired behavior. Quality individual counseling should increase self-understanding, which in turn positions persons to engage in healthier, more satisfying relationships.

Individual counseling is often beneficial to those who want greater inner peace and who want to find greater fulfillment in life and in their relationships.

When life seems like “too much”, it truly helps to talk about your pain and problems. It makes them seem less… “big”. At Atlanta Counseling Group, we offer compassionate, competent, and confidential coaching, counseling, pastoral counseling, pastoral psychotherapy, and consultation services to individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.

With the experienced Counselors at The Atlanta Counseling Group, no problem is too big and no challenge too small.

Ever Seem Like Life Is Too Much To Handle

Life is not always easy. In fact, it can be rather challenging. But you don’t have to struggle through life’s challenges alone. If it sometimes seems like you are swimming against the current, with no raft in sight, we can help. Really. No matter what your challenges are, there is hope. Let us work with you to work through your challenges.

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