Couples Counseling

Relationships Can Be Challenging. You Can Work Through Them.
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Couples Counseling can take the form of relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, or marital counseling

Relationship counseling, a fairly new therapuetic intervention, helps couples determine if their relationship is healthy and viable. If both parties are willing, couples can learn what it takes to establish and have a good relationship that makes both partners happy.

Pre-marital counseling positions couples to build and have a healthy and happy marriage.  Respective family histories are examined along with the couples perspectives on communication, emotional intimacy, and finances.

Marital counseling assists couples with identifying issues that are undermining their marriages.  Couples learn to address issues in ways that honor the couples’ shared values and leads to them having a more fulfilling marriage that is also supportive and helps them be better individuals too.

Relationships Can Be Hard. But They Don’t Have to Be.

Any time two people come together for a length of time, conflict is inevitable. This is normal and natural. It’s how they deal with conflict that determines the success or failure of the relationship. Is your relationship struggling? A neutral outsider with the skills and training to identify the real issues and provide solutions, ensures the best possible result. Make your LOVE life LOVING again.

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