Abuse & Addiction Counseling

Abuse or Addiction Destroying Your Life or Relationships? STOP these destructive cycles now.
Dealing With Abuse and Addiction
Abuse and Addiction Counseling supports individuals to establish and maintain recovery, including abstinence (process addictions such as food addiction, gambling addiction, and shopping addiction) and sobriety (substance addiction, such as drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction).

This type of counseling assist persons to identify the root emotional issue(s) associated with their abuse and addiction issues—usually their need to self-medicate or self-soothe in inappropriate ways.

Clients addicted to substances are often required (or encouraged) to work a 12-Step Program which includes working with a sponsor, attending group therapy (also known as a home group), and attending weekly or bi-weekly AA or NA meetings.  Clients struggling with process addictions may also be encouraged or required to do group work.

Is Abuse or Addiction Destroying Your Life or Relationships?

Abuse and addiction are painful—to the addict and those in their life. One in the throes of addiction or abuse can become “someone else” – unrecognizable to loved ones – overnight. It’s frightening & confusing. We provide strategies to break the negative cycles of abuse and addiction so life can return to normal. Stop the cycle of self-destructive behavior from abuse or addiction.

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