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Individual Counseling

Confusing emotions, a general discontentment with life, a feeling of depression, or dealing with a life-changing event can inspire a person to look for a counselor and try counseling. Individual counseling helps people to better understand their emotions, thoughts, and actions which can improve quality of life, decrease acting out, or prevent undesired behavior. Quality individual counseling should increase self-understanding, which in turn positions persons to engage in healthier, more satisfying relationships.

Individual counseling is often beneficial to those who want greater inner peace and who want to find greater fulfillment in life and in their relationships.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling can take the form of relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, or marital counseling

Relationship counseling, a fairly new therapuetic intervention, helps couples determine if their relationship is healthy and viable. If both parties are willing, couples can learn what it takes to establish and have a good relationship that makes both partners happy.

Pre-marital counseling positions couples to build and have a healthy and happy marriage.  Respective family histories are examined along with the couples perspectives on communication, emotional intimacy, and finances.

Marital counseling assists couples with identifying issues that are undermining their marriages.  Couples learn to address issues in ways that honor the couples’ shared values and leads to them having a more fulfilling marriage that is also supportive and helps them be better individuals too.

Family Counseling

If you feel you need answers to family problems, it can be very wise to seek the assistance of a counselor who is trained to observe family interactions. More specifically, a professional experienced in relational dynamics and communication patterns among family members.

Families are not immune to conflict and transitions.  Families can be impacted by one or more family members who are experiencing individual struggles the family does not understand and to which they don’t know how to respond.  At the same time, families can operate in ways that cause one or more family members to bear an unfair amount of the burden of a family that is dysfunctional.

Our trained family counselors can provide help for family issues so you can start working toward how to become a happy family again.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling is for couples that plan to marry in the near future and usually consists of 6 to 8 sessions that include discussions about key topics research-identified as vital to a successful marriage.

Couples learn practical tools that help them establish and maintain healthy marriages. Most Georgia counties reduce marriage license costs for couples who complete Pre-Marital Counseling.

Pre-Marital Counseling is one of the best investments you will make in your marriage Pre-Marital Counseling helps couples foster awareness and proactively position themselves for marital success.

Abuse and Addiction Counseling

Abuse and Addiction Counseling supports individuals to establish and maintain recovery, including abstinence (process addictions such as food addiction, gambling addiction, and shopping addiction) and sobriety (substance addiction, such as drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction).

This type of counseling assist persons to identify the root emotional issue(s) associated with their abuse and addiction issues—usually their need to self-medicate or self-soothe in inappropriate ways.

Clients addicted to substances are often required (or encouraged) to work a 12-Step Program which includes working with a sponsor, attending group therapy (also known as a home group), and attending weekly or bi-weekly AA or NA meetings.  Clients struggling with process addictions may also be encouraged or required to do group work.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling allows us to work with you to identify who you are in relation to the career you have chosen.

It also allows us to help you to determine how to reach the next phase of your career—whether that be finding a new job, changing careers to a new industry, or how to find more fulfillment in your current job.

You will also gain an understanding of how your skills will transfer to a new job or industry. Additionally, you’ll get help with how to figure out which jobs and industries are the best fit for your particular skill-set.

Finally, we can also assist you in establishing a personal brand and creating a search profile to identify and target your job market.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching focuses on developing and improving some aspect of yourself in order to achieve success in your career and/or personal life.

It is a direct, forwarding-thinking, approach to encourage and motivate you on your life journey.

In order to achieve success in your career, or feel happier in your professional –or personal– life, you may need motivation, direction, or support of some type… similar to that which a coach provides an athlete.

The sole objective of our career coaching is maximizing personal potential

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